For instance, HPE Primera will not include the Adaptive Optimization technology that 3PAR uses to tier data between hard disk drives and more expensive solid-state drives. I 'll plan to delete it. Now the NL utilization is 99% , could you confirm if there is any impact?i mean like the VV’s goes to RO as there is no capacity or It will move the data to other tiers?Also I could see the data movement is not happening as like FAST. Start again by keeping things simple, monitor during your core business hours and be careful to not include things like backups in your monitoring period which could throw the results off. 6. HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization. Any idea how I can make the array view both sizes of SSD as 1 big pool and use accordingly, they are both 150k and the SSD cpg is set to default speed? Craig thanks for reading and commenting. Do you want to optimize service levels effortlessly, on a large scale, and for a lower total cost than other solutions? by Philip Sellers July 7, 2014. written by Philip Sellers July 7, 2014. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization. each Monday is an intensive day you could create a schedule which looked at the appropriate period from the previous week, although this would start to take you away from the model of simplicity. If the access pattern of your data is truly random each day Adaptive Flash Cache may help to soak up some of the hits and can be used conjunction with AO. This seems ‘understandable’ to me in that I expect most of the data to move down to Tier 2 (e.g. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache feature is included as part of the HPE 3PAR OS and is supported on all HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage sys tems that are supported with HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.1 and above. I’m sure the boffin’s at HP could track and analyse this so that AO became predictive. By allowing AO complete control of your top tier and not provisioning any volumes from it you can allow AO to take capacity utilisation up to 100%. HPE 3PAR Host Explorer. Hi yes you can run Remote Copy and Adaptive Optimization together. To give an example if you have a 100GB VV and only 2 regions are getting hit hard only 256MB of data need to be migrated to SSD, a massive saving in space compared to moving the entire volume. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization (AO). Do you want to optimize service levels effortlessly, on a large scale, and for a lower total cost than other solutions? If you want to take advantage of deduplication with thinly deduplicated virtual volumes you will need to place the volumes directly on the SSDs and they cannot be on a CPG which is part of an AO config. The regional IO density stats are then used by AO to select those regions that have an above average regional IO density and marking them for movement to a higher tier. The traditional days of storage and having to calculate the number disks and RAID type to allocate to a LUN are gone. by Philip Sellers July 7, 2014. written by Philip Sellers July 7, 2014. The HP Converged Storage philosophy makes this feature now also available on the StoreVirtual platform. Hi, Does anyone know how 3PAR's Adaptive Optimization treats VMware VVOL's. So if you do go down the route of having multiple AO policies you must have a separate CPG to represent each tier of disks in each different AO policy. Once you have setup your AO config you then need to schedule a task to run AO. Below the different tiers of disk are shown diagrammatically along with some example of blocks of data tiering both up and down. Making tech simple – 3PAR, Storage, Virtualization and Cloud. Are there negative affects to this? Don’t try and second guess where data would be best placed, the machine will outsmart you. In this short case study, we demonstrate how you can optimize your HPE 3PAR system. At first make the max run period as long as you can outside of business hours to give AO every opportunity to run. After running happily for a while I added further SSD disk into my P1000 array which is of a larger size to the original SSD. Learn how your comment data is processed. HPE 3PAR Smart SAN. From a software perspective both products implement ATS identically to their Tier 1 brethren. If a compressed volume exists within a common provisioning group (CPG), then the CPG i s not available for use in an AO configuration. You can also now filter by volume, so you can have different schedules for specific VV’s within the same CPG and config. As of HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.1, the clone can be exported immediately after creation while the data copy continues in the background. Hi, In this case we will look at how the workload is distributed on the back-end drives and how that relates to the Adaptive Optimization Policies. Secondly remember AO works on regional IO density and so is able to move just the hottest regions to your smaller more expensive high performance tiers.
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