Killshot When it comes to any weapons I'd recommned using Mr. Zurkon/Zurkon Family, Nightmare Box/Terrorizer, and the RYNO VII. Upon getting there, there'll be a couple Thugs but when attacking them there'll be more that'll come to their aid and once that they're done head in the other direction from where you came before attacking the Thugs as you can reveal a Grav Target as you can take that up to a platform up top so you can claim a Gold Bolt. RYNO V Holo-Plans RYNO 5 Holo-Plans Collect all the holo-plans scattered throughout the galaxy and bring them to the old friend in space. Now take it near the train where you have to throw it at the control panel so you can make your way further in the stage and when the train has moved there'll be some Nethers that'll come in to deal with. After that you need to get 6 Vault Keys on planet Thram to open the Vault to release the Plumber (who will build the RYNO VII for you). Look around the corner of the station to see a clif. Once you get to the platform with a refill station and a bolt crank, turn the bolt to stop the overflow from reaching you but before you head on out use the jetpack up to a platform between a couple pipes to claim a RYNO Holo Plan before making an exit out of there. To earn the the first ten horns head to the left past the jetpack refill station as getting them shouldn't be too hard to get the first ten if not one or two more if you're lucky and when you do head back to the Smuggler to obtain the Hoverboots. Could someone who has already obtained the Ryno V please give me the locations? Make your way forward until you come to another part where it'll happen again as you'll want to once again double jump then glide on down to the next area. Gold Bolts: 2 - R.Y.N.O. While that's about the only new thing that's different during the second part of the fight but other than that keep with what you were doing before and once he gets down another third of his health down it'll be time to change platforms once again like the last time and get ready for the final Netherverse Puzzle. Mr. Investigate the Thugs-4-Less outpost. VII Holo Part: 2 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Plasma Striker [45,000 BOLTS], Nether Blades [16,000 BOLTS]. Although if you want to dispose of them to help get your Nanotech or your weapons further upgraded you can do that as well. Starting off with this one you want to change the gravity up as you want to jump where you need to as you make your way through and over the edge as you want to move where you have to until you get to the end then move right. Objective Complete Secured Containment Wing. Hit the panel to open the door only to find out that they have released Vendra as you'll have to deal with a wave of Thugs and Blade Balls in this area before you can advance further in the ship. Objective Completed I can't tell, sheild is an armour vender, a gun is the weapon and ammo vendor also there are two for Cronk and Zaphier and of course a bolt sign is for golden bolts but I can't tell what is the symbol for a peice of the gadgetron holo plan. Gold Bolts: 0 - R.Y.N.O. Similar to the hoverboard race on Rilgar, you need to win the Gold Cup for the one on this planet to get this Holocard. Time Frame: … VII Holo Part: 2 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Netherbeast [80,000 BOLTS], Objective Complete Objective Complete When they've been dealt with head on through the door that Vendra went through but as you do there'll be a Thug to deal with before you get to the door at the end of the hallway. Upon getting to the bottom then you want to change it up, jump over the divider then change it down. Now onward to get the final pipe connected as you head to the main connector and towards where you see the last one that'll extend out but as you get there, you'll have to deal with some Thugs with jetpacks as well, ground units, as any that will be in turrets. Use the Nightmare Box to scare at least one type of weapon regardlesss of the level of the weapon. Mr. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As you fight the one in the airship there'll be a couple on higher ground that'll be giving him cover as he attacks you and when you have dealt with the one in the airship as well as the ones on higher ground you'll need to turn the bolt crank. When they're out of the way there are three ways that you can go by going to the left, straight ahead or you can take a right. Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. Now that the final Netherbrute has been dealt with a ramp has appeared that you'll need to use the Hover Boots to get into the area to meet up with him and when you do you'll have to watch out for any oncoming traffic along the way. Best thing to do is to know how you dealt with Neftin but without having to deal with the train coming in with the Thugs as you'll need to watch out for the usage of the Mace Ball. Fly through the rings and defeat the Thugs! Make your way to the Relay Station. Assuming if you don't do that you'll need to take them out from a distance if possible then Grav Stream over to the platform and once again you'll need to Grav Stream to the next section. The Polaris Consortium of Robotic Gladiators labels the Blazebot "a burtal, blood-crazed killer not fit for regulation areanas." Just wait for awhile for people to complete the game. After the cutscene you have to get out of there by getting on a grav leap platform. Wrench-o-Rama Objective Complete Use the one that you cancelled out to activate it the other way then the other to get to the platform that's on the right of you but when there there'll be two Thugs to deal with as one is in a turret as you'll want to defeat both of them. Make your way forward after coming to a stop at the area and as you do there'll be a regenerator that'll be popping out Nethers left and right as you want to destory it along with any Nethers that came out. Defeat Neftin's robot double and take home the cup! Escape the Nebulox Debris Field. Now head on down but watch out for the spiked balls on the way down and when you can get to the bottom but before you can touch ground want to change the gravity to the left, then down after you get so far, right so far, and down again. Eye you'll need to glide your way down to fight Mr. Once all 9 are collected, the Plumber will create the weapon for you on planet Thram. Where can I find both RYNO VII holo plans on Planet Thram? Kristin Adams brings you tips and tricks for finding the pieces of the Holo-Plan Blueprint you need to obtain the RYNO 5 gun in Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time in this edition of Cheat. Objective Complete: **Second Visit to Deplanetizer (RYNO VII)** . Eye with the puzzles. Throughout the game, pieces of a full blueprint for the R.Y.N.O 4 are scattered. Ryno IV. VII Holo Part: 2 - Weapons Available to Purchase: Vortex Grenade [75,000 BOLTS], Warmonger [70,000 BOLTS], New Objective For this one you have five rounds to get through in under two minutes to defeat all the Thugs in each of the five rounds. When you've been told how to use it by pressing then to fire at the target near you then look at the one farthest away from you that's behind you to fire it at that one to create a link. In the next room there'll be a wave of Thugs to deal with in the room, dispose of them quickly. He will build a powerful weapon for you. RYNO V Holo-Plans RYNO 5 Holo-Plans Collect all the holo-plans scattered throughout the galaxy and bring them to the old friend in space. Date Created: September 9, 2015 This one can be a tough one if you're not used to defeating enemies with the wrench as you'll need to deal with Thugs, Blade Balls and Sarathoids. When you get to the door throw the wrench at the panel on the side to open the door then grav leap to the next platform. Travel to the Sky Train Station. Once you place the Battery Bot in the hole then crank to get the first pipe connected and now onward to the next which can be done in any order anyways. Now if you want to do the additional objectives before you go find Neftin and wanting to fix the Fuel Station for the Jetpack so you can have better access in getting the rest of the Gargathon horns you'll need to obtain thirty [30] Gargathon Horns in order to get the part needed to fix it from the Smuggler. Upon getting to the end you'll need to swingshot your way across as there'll be a few more Nethers to deal with before you can make your way out of there and it'll be done for this planet as you'll want to head to Planet Kragg to get the Jetpack before going to Planet Silox. New Objective When they've been defeated take control of the turret as long as the Thug didn't have a chance to use it against you and turn it to the left aim it upwards to the boxes that can only be destroyed by use of the turret as you'll find the last Gold Bolt of this planet. At the last part when the Thugs ship comes at you there'll be a spot to Grav Leap onto. When you have turned the bolt crank that'll bring the ramp up with some platforms to go to upon leaving the ramp to get up to where you'll need to meet up with Neftin. When you get there as there'll be a couple of Thugs to deal with as you want to prevent any of them from using the turret if possible and afterwards you'll make your way but without a lot of more Thugs coming your way. As it pertains to finding his bird when it goes missing you want to go towards where you gave him the thirty Gargathon Horns to fix the fuel station as there'll be an opening to the left as you'll want to use the Jetpack to go through there then you want to take a left as you want to look for an opening to your left as you want to go in there as you'll find him in there in some bones. Head to the right then take a left head down to the end then take another left but when you get near the end you'll end up crashing through a wooden floor taking you down to below the orphanage. You'll need to get over to the next part by gliding by doing a doule jump [, then hold to glide]. The Thugs have reconstructed the Progbot for their training exercises. Once that you do that you'll have to make your way through to each of the grav leaps that's on the ground or on the side. If you want to save any ammo it'll be best to get into the turret to use that to defeat this wave of Thugs to make it easier on you as well as saving any ammo on them. Calm down. Now you have a new weapon at your disposal to defend the ship against the Thugs and try to prevent them from freeing Vendra. During the fight I would recommend using if you need to use like Nightmare Box or Mr. Zurkon to help get you out of a jam during the fight against Neftin. Find Smuggler's Bird. When you get to the end smack the Nether then you want to change it down then make your way down as you want to keep going down but watching out for any of the liquid or any balls with spikes coming out of them. When it comes in a small wave of Thugs will come in and this is where you'll have to watch out when using certain weapons to help save them to use against Neftin as it'll pass through at least five times dealing with the Thugs before Neftin rejoins the fight and is when the battle heats up some. Objective Completed If you take the path from before in heading that way be sure to press R2 to activate the Hoverboots for that boost get to where you need to go faster along the ground particulary across the ramps. Rewards As you do there'll be some asteroids that you'll have to watch out for but before you can get back inside the ship there's some thrusters that need to be taken out but the only way for that to happen is Cronk will shut each one down as you get to them. In the next room there'll be lasers that you have to try to get past without touching any of them and the best thing to do is to watch them to time it correctly to get past each of them. Upon defeating all the waves you'll need to wrench crank one of the Grav Targets down so you can Grav Stream to the next area but there'll be four of them that you'll need to connect for two streams. When you get to the next platform it'll be time for a Netherverse Puzzle, the second to last of the game. And now for the rest of the fight against Mr. Once you get back crank the wrench crank to move the one then hit the Grav Targets to get across but you'll need to drop around half way or so on the platform then jump back in the stream to avoid getting fired at. With this one is close to To The Skies challenge but instead of twelve rings to go through you'll need to take down twelve Thugs and the best way to do that you want to use a weapon like the Omniblster/Dual Omniblasters to get through it. Gold Bolts: 3 - R.Y.N.O. You want to watch out for the Thugs that'll throw grenades at you as you want to make sure you can time their attacks to avoid them to take them down. Introductory Beating If you have gone to Kragg to get the Jetpack you can continue on but if you haven't you'll need to head there to get it before you can continue on. Make every shot count. When across there'll be some Sarathoids to deal with when you get through to deal with and afterwards there'll be more Nethers to deal with but as you start making your way through you'll get a message from Quark saying he's on his way with your ship. nter Destructapalooza tournament on Planet Kragg. If using one of the weapons like the RYNO along with the Zurkon Family it shouldn't be too much to get through this challenge. The final items that you'll need to gather are Ryno V Holo-Plans. For this one first thing you want to do is change the gravity to the right as you can slow Clank down if needed as you want to go so far then go in between the hole in the rock to the moveable object. Once you finish this one you'll be able to get the GrummelNet Jetpack. Now Boost Jump back over to the platform to continue onto the way you were heading as you get on the metal platform as you want to follow the trail of bolts along the way to the end. Eye, Part III Once that you got both of them going jump in the stream on the left then when you get so far, past the search light then get in the one on the other side but slow down when you get in the other to get the next Grav Target ready to get in the next Grav Stream when you have that one activated and finally hit two more to get one more going. In the next room you'll have to dispose of some more Thugs before you can make your way back into the control room where they are but without having to dealing with a panel to do so. Destructapalooza would like to welcome you to three rounds of angry Thugs and perilous hazards. Simple enough, just purchase all weapons. When he gets down to half health he'll be getting out of the fight for a while and letting the Thugs join in on the fight but they'll be coming by train so watch the track in the center to see where it'll be coming. Collect all the Gold Bolts throughout the game. The first one is rather simple to help get you through it rather quickly and if you can do it right you can be able to get through it fast enough to get the Skill Point for this. As you fight through various Thugs including a couple of them being in airships throughout the battle. Eye as it's time to finish the job against him and similar to the second part of the fight but there's a new thing that he'll do during the fight by turning the platform upside down so watch out when he does that. Holo-Plan #5 Location: Tombli Outpost To find Ryno V #5, you’ll find a cliff located near the Security Station that you can get atop using the Hover Boots. To get to where Neftin's hideout is you'll need to head right from where you originally came down via the Hoverboot ramps and when you get to the platform where there's a ramp to the right take it. Once across head to the next two swingshot targets to get to the next platform and use the crank to bring up two more swingshot targets to get to another platform. Once that they're dealt with now you can turn the bolt crank. Smash it to find the Holo-Plan. At this point there isn't a way to get off of the planet right now to head to Kragg as you'll have to finish the other objective first and when you're back to where you can refill your ammo and all that.
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