No further information is available at this time. The steps to block someone on Viber are absolutely simple and it will not take more than a few seconds to block Viber users. However, what to do if you want to know who blocked you on viber? This is one of the features of viber. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. Open Viber on your Android. After a lot of searches , I've open a ticket in viber support the answer was : "Hello Marwan, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. This could result in all sort of social awkwardness so things are quiet on that front like they are on Instagram or Snapchat. How to Unblock Someone on Viber on Android. But if you do delete the Viber app, the following will happen: Your Viber address book gets removed from the servers after 45 days. The first two methods don’t work simply because Viber files are encrypted (which means they are protected and you can’t open them). You CANNOT use the same Viber account in a different phone because it’s connected to the number. Currently, if you’re located in China, it’s not possible to download VPN apps from the Apple App Store or the Android app markets (the Play Store is also blocked). Viber is a popular messaging app and, in this article, we're going to show you how to hack Viber account with the help of the best Viber Hacker. Like most social networks, Viber does not let you know when you are blocked. You will find the answer you need by the time you apply the third method. Not to worry though, there are some signs that will hint you that you have been blocked. You may need to try all the 3 methods to be sure that you have really been blocked. Keep in mind that simply removing the Viber app from your device is not the same as deactivating your account. Below is a list of suggestions for accessing Viber in China without problems: 1. Download the VPN app before going to China. If your Viber account is deactivated, your Viber Credit will be lost. How Can I Know If Someone Blocked Me On Viber? You may have sent too many messages to a person (that you know) who has not saved you in the list of thier contacts. The methods and steps above can help to know if you have been blocked on Viber by someone. You can reactivate the Viber Credit by accessing your Viber-Out account on, and following the instructions therein. Block and report spam – This is a good way to get rid of bots. Based on your spam report, Viber can ban this account for good. And Viber is limited to ONE PHONE ONLY. Make sure that the person you are contacting has saved you in their contact list. Calls and push notifications from blocked contacts may still be received on Viber for tablets, Viber for Desktop and Viber for Windows 8. Block – If you receive a message which is not spam, you can simply block the account it was sent from. Blocking a contact will not delete previous message and call history. To that end, you might be interested in the fourth method. Deleting Viber vs deactivating account. ... Block the target from accessing certain apps. Viber is a popular messaging app and, in this article, we're going to show you how to hack Viber account with the help of the best Viber Hacker. Recommendations for using Viber in China. This wikiHow teaches you how to remove someone from your Viber block list on an Android phone or tablet. However, it is often good to be 100% sure. Using the same Viber account in a different phone. For this purpose, Viber Account may be deactivated in any of the following: (i) You actively deactivate your account.
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