Jun 5, 2019. However, the event soon gets out of hand, for the animals trip over the galagos and end up in a heap. They arrive in time to rescue him from Makuu and his float, whom they chastise for not honoring the rule that no animal is to be attacked while trying to cross the Flood Plains after a rainstorm. By the time Kifaru has finished with them, they decide to retreat. After Makuu leaves, the animals return to their habitats, and Basi invites the crocodiles to return to Big Springs once the fish population spikes. Malicious Misnaming: Tamka tauntingly calls Kion "Lion Cub" after ramming into him to stop him from saving Makuu, to mock both the Lion Guard's title and Kion for his young age. Hodari senses the danger and tells Beshte to carry him closer to the fight, as he has an idea. Makuu plans to make his move against the Pride Lands, only this time, he will invade the entire Flood Plains. The Lion Guard S2 E6-Kiburi. #lionguard Kiburi: Hello Makuu. They gather together Bupu's herd, Laini's group, Ma Tembo's herd, and Mbeya's crash ("Pride Landers Unite!"). Makuu then summons the rest of his float to help him take down the rhino, but the Lion Guard arrive before they can attack. He also has great hum… Before he can wreak havoc on the Flood Plains, he stops himself from roaring, and Nala calls for him to trust himself. Despite the Lion Guard's presence, Bupu attacks Makuu, who attempts to defend himself until Kion chastises him again, claiming that he will not let anyone ruin the Savannah Summit, "especially" not Makuu. After Kion encounters Mufasa, he and his friends decide to demonstrate the Roar of the Elders on a grove of trees to show Makuu what he would be in for if he should attempt a fight. kiburi thelionguard kiburithelionguard. When Ono gives the signal, Kion roars into the trees, clearing them all of their branches. It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands. The Lion Guard concludes that the Pride Landers must unite against the threat of the Outlanders. Like Makuu at first, Kiburi is an arrogant crocodile who believes that violence is the solution to every problem and who dislikes the notions of shares and compromise. Simba comes forward, recognizing Makuu's leadership, and thanks Pua for his service. An enraged Makuu accuses the other Pride Landers of not trusting him and wonders why he should trust them when they are not willing to give him a chance. He manages to jump up and bite Mwenzi's branch in half, leaving him with little room to maneuver, but before he can try again, Kifaru arrives and charges at him. While Ono flies off to fetch Kion, the rest of the team departs to save the Flood Plains. Without asking for an explanation, Kion orders Makuu to back off. While Bunga, Fuli, and Ono set out to clear the grove of animals, Beshte and Kion confront Makuu. (Growls) Kiburi: Let's fight. Kion deduces that Makuu must be trying to spoil the event, and he and the Lion Guard take off to thwart the danger. When Chama, Mzaha and Furaha stampede through the crocodiles' water hole, they splash mud on Makuu and his float, prompting him to glare after the trio in annoyance. "He's fine." In the film, Olmec from "Legends of the Hidden Temple" tells us how Gil and his friends meet a lion … The Lion Guard was patrolling Chakula Plains. Like his hyena ancestors before him, Janja is a greedy, arrogant, eccentric, temperamental and vicious individual with no regard for the Circle of Life. However, as seen in "The Savannah Summit", Makuu is somewhat growing as a leader, as he willingly accepts Simba's invitation to join the summit meeting so as to negotiate with the other leaders on how to make their respective species survive the dry season. Makuu: (Gasp) You! A dark green rims his eyes and is also present on the back of his head. Makuu sees Kifaru's prone position as an opportunity for larger prey and rallies his float to take down the rhino. #kion Janja's Clan are the major antagonistic faction of the 2015 Disney Channel film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, and a major antagonistic faction in its 2016 Disney Junior follow-up series The Lion Guard behind their leader Janja, Makuu and his float (who later reform) in season one and later behind Scar in season two. Makuu dismisses Kiburi's discussion and leaves with the Lion Guard to speak with Simba. Makuu has a long snout, and his eyes are yellow. Makuu reconciles with the other Pride Lander leaders. Makuu appears in a painting during the "Wisdom on the Walls" musical sequence. Kion is disturbed by this turn of events and asks his father about Makuu's challenge. As Pua leaves, Makuu taunts him. "Where are they?" With Simba's support, Makuu promises to take his duties seriously, much to the discomfort of the other Pride Lander leaders. Although initially Makuu acted with hostility toward the pair, his attempts to eat the young animals were thwarted by Zazu, who informed Pua that Kion was the son of Simba. (He warns them), (Except for Kiburi he went to look for Makuu.). I find it funny that he is just like Makuu was only more full of himself and disrespectful. When Pua, the leader of the crocodiles, refuses to offset the Circle of Life by hunting the fish in Big Springs, Makuu accuses him of being a coward and challenges him to a mashindano, thinking that the float has a right to the fish in Big Springs. Join the community to add your comment. Kion urges Makuu to be kinder to his fellow Pride Landers, but Makuu leaves in a huff and vows to only look out for his own float if trouble should arise. She then attacks Makuu and orders Beshte and Bunga to take on the rest of the float. Despite his injuries, Makuu insists that he is fine and continues to train his float. During the commotion, Mwenzi hops down from his tree and instructs Kifaru on how to free himself from the tree stump. Ringed around his eyes are darker shades of scales. Pua is very patient and slow to anger. Kion attempts to convince his father that Makuu is untrustworthy, but Simba insists that all animals must be treated equally in the Pride Lands, no matter their past transgressions. Makuu fights with Bupu, the antelope leader. Here is a shot of Kiburi from The Lion Guard. Later, the Lion Guard tries to warn Makuu that Kiburi and his float is lurking in the Pride Lands, but Makuu insists that his float can care for itself. Fuli asked. Makuu leads his float against Kifaru the rhinoceros. The Lion Guard starts to continue on their patrol, but Hodari halts Beshte. Later, the Lion Guard tries to warn Makuu that Kiburi and his float is lurking in the Pride Lands, but Makuu insists that his float can care for itself. Makuu protests that he had been invited, and Simba confirms to Kion that he had invited Makuu to Pride Rock himself. Makuu begrudgingly agrees to help, but his training is too rigorous and ruthless for the other Pride Landers to master. 1 Plot 2 Trivia 3 Pilot 3.1 Season 1 Episodes 3.2 Season 2 Episodes 3.3 Season 3 Episodes Bubble Guppies' Adventures of The Lion Guard is the origin of the Bubble Guppies' adventures. The two manage to cross over another hippo lane, but as the crocodiles move to follow them, they get trampled by Bupu's herd. Kion confronts Makuu, asking him to leave Big Springs, but the crocodile refuses, mocking Kion for being unwilling to fight. Basi and Beshte hear a young rhino crying for help. In answer, two of Makuu's cronies knock Nala into the water and carry her into the midst of the float, prompting Kion to nearly use the Roar in his fury. Instead, Kion goes to Pua, asking for him to call for another mashindano, but Pua reminds Kion that Makuu is much stronger than him. Makuu and his float are accidentally awoken by the Lion Guard when they try to halt a stampede. Kion realizes that it is time for the Savannah Summit, an important yearly event in which leaders in the Pride Lands discuss how they will proceed during the dry season. Though Makuu is bothered by Kion's bias, he backs off in an attempt to not start trouble. Running along the end of his tail is green stripes. Makuu: Kiburi Simba banished you from Pridelands and now you came here to attack me! He rams Makuu last, knocking him and the tree stump into the swamp, and yells after him that that's what he gets for messing with Mwenzi. The team rushes to Pride Rock, where Kion tackles Makuu to the ground. Kion submits to Makuu's request and leads his team away from the float, unaware that Kiburi is watching from the shadows. He returned a moment later, and settled down on Beshte's back. Makuu is a boastful crocodile who loves to bask in the attention of others. Kion: Am giving you the final warning get out of Pridelands!!! He can be a bit of a showoff, as seen when he flamboyantly sees Pua out of the float, and rarely shows respect for other creatures. Simba approaches, furious, and exclaims that Bupu and Makuu had been about to come to an agreement about sleeping situations for their respective species. In awe, Makuu backs down and leads his float out of Big Springs. By GiuseppeDiRosso Watch. Along the way, Twiga the giraffe and Vuruga Vuruga the cape buffalo speak resentfully about Makuu's past actions and how readily Simba is willing to forgive him. However, Kifaru misjudges Makuu's location and rams into a tree stump, trapping his horn in bark. Despite Ono's warning, Mwenzi refuses to trust him. The Lion Guard - The Little Guy - Makuu vs Kiburi - YouTube Once free, Kifaru uses the tree stump as a weapon and helps free the other Lion Guard members from their entanglements. He instructs the animals to race toward Bunga. The other animals fear his wrath, but Makuu merely prompts Simba to let the Summit go on. #animals He is the leader of his float. This b… He appears to only respond to strength and power, as he was awestruck by the Roar of the Elders and gave into Kion's second demand to leave Big Springs while trying to save face. Just in time, Beshte arrives to defend his father, but Makuu gloats that he and his float have numbers on their side this time. Ono nodded, and took to the sky. History The Lion Guard "The Rise of Makuu" When Pua, the leader of the crocodiles, refuses to offset the Circle of Life by hunting the fish in Big Springs, a young crocodile named Makuu accuses him of being a coward and challenges him to a mashindano, thinking that the float has a right to the fish in Big Springs. The Lion Guard sees Makuu training his float to fight and accidentally mistakes it for a real fight. In Makuu's absence however, one of the crocodiles in the float, Kiburi, rallies the whole float and takes over all the waterholes. Ono witnesses the battle and reports his findings to Kion. It takes place after the events of the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and shows the continued adventures of Kion and his friends in The Lion Guard. He reacts with awe when Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to lift Pride Rock. He has several dark green scales running along his back and on his tail. Soon, the Outlands will stretch all the way to Pride Rock!" Kiburi: Am here for revenge. The Lion Guard is an American animated TV series that first aired on Disney Junior on 15 January 2016. Though enraged at first, Makuu goes to Pride Rock to speak with Simba, ordering his float to stay where they are. Ono spots the attack, and Kion leads his team into battle. ― Kiburi to Mac. Lion Guard: Yeah. Just then, Makuu attacks, hurting Mwenzi's wing and knocking him into the branches of a tree. Because of this, Pua, like Kion, recognizes that fighting isn't always necessary and that sometimes you must accept defeat as shown when he tells Kion to back down when he doesn't want to fight. As Makuu slithers away, the Lion Guard vows to put a stop to his schemes, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to break the dam and allow the river to flow as usual. Kion and Fuli exchanged a glance. The Lion Guard quickly apologizes to Makuu, who leads his float in continuing their training. Bunga asked. Later, when Simba is hesitant to trust Janja, Makuu reminds him that he gave Makuu a chance at the Savannah Summit when no one else would. Makuu: You won win this time! The Army of Scar besieges Makuu's float, with Kiburi targeting Makuu. However, he warms up to Ono eventually, and the two start to leave the area. Physically, he is also very strong. He then advises Kion to back down if he's not willing to fight Makuu. Despite their initial upper hand, the float is repulsed when the Lion Guard joins forces with Makuu's float and Hodari distracts Kiburi and allows Makuu to strike a powerful blow. The Lion Guard had been chasing that meanie hyena Janja out of the Pridelands so many times and Kion is on rampage going mad and wants to kill him.