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Internship Program

Contact with the current job market as well as with students aiming to start their careers with us is made possible by a successful collaboration with a wide network of universities, career offices as well as ongoing publications on our platforms.

Each student is assigned to a team with a dedicated team leader coaching and supporting their learning journey. These programs are designed to be hands on with actual tasks according to the project on hand.
Interns are evaluated at the end of their internship with the intent to be hired in the eventuality of a successful performance and positive feedback from their team and assigned team leader.

Success stories

  • More than 47 students passed successfully the probationary period and started working for our company.
  • More than 8 technical high school students completed an apprenticeship at our company, achieving excellent results thanks to the dedication of our team leaders and the preparation of the school curriculum. Our very own website is a contribution of our interns part of the digital team.
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Internship opportunities

  • College students close to graduation / recently graduated
  • High school students last year of graduation

Visit our website to view future callings for internships